Vacation Honeymoon Packages

Please find here a list of all our Vacation Honeymoon Packages that cover Greece,  Greek Islands, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and United Arab Emirates.
Lots of packages to choose from all prepared with special attention to the latest detail, in order to make your vacation easy, relaxing and worth your money.
You can choose one of our packages or just let us know what you want and we will prepare a package just for you!

Achilleus in English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    4 Days Classical Greece + 3 Days cruise – Greece-Turkey

Acropolis in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Athens -Delphi – 1 Day cruise – Greece

Aeolos in English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens Mykonos Paros Santorini    Greece

Anaxagoras in English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Istanbul, Aegean Coast, 3 Days Cruise, Mykonos    Turkey-Greece

Aphrodite in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    4 Days Classical Greece + Istanbul    Greece-Turkey

Apollon    in English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens – Paros -Naxos – Ios – Santorini    Greece

Apollonius in Spanish    JAN-DEC    7 Days Turkey Tour- 8 Days Israel l grand tour –   Turkey-Israel

Archelaus in Spanish    MAR-OCT    Istanbul, 4 Days 7 churches Tour, 4 Days Cruise, Athens   – Turkey-Greece

Archimedes in Spanish    MAR-OCT    4 Days Turkey tour, 4 Days  Cruise –   Turkey-Greece

Ares in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Athens + 4 Days Classical Greece  –   Greece

Aristarchus in Spanish    APR-OCT    Istanbul + Asia Minor tour  –  Turkey

Aristophanes in    Spanish    APR-OCT    Istanbul,6 Days Cappadocia, 4 Days Cruise –    Turkey

Aristotle in English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Istanbul, 3 Days Cappadocia, 4 Days Cruise –   Turkey-Greece

Artemis in English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens Santorini Heraklion Rhodes  –  Greece

Asclepius in English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens – 4 Days Cruise  –   Greece-Turkey

Athena in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Athens, Delphi, 1 Day cruise  –  Greece

Atlantis in English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens – 4 Days cruise –   Greece-Turkey

Callimachus in English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens, Argolis, Santorini  –   Greece

Calliope in English-Spanish    APR-OCT    3 Days Athens 3 Days  Mykonos 3 Days Santorini  –  Greece

Calypso in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Athens Paros Naxos Santorini –   Greece

Clio in English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens Mykonos –   Greece

Demetra in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    4 Days Athens, 4 Days Istanbul full view  –  Greece-Turkey

Democritus in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul,  7 Days Turkey Grand Tour –   Turkey

Diagoras in Spanish    APR-OCT    Istanbul, 3 Days Aegean Coast, 2 Days Meteora –   Turkey-Greece

Diogenes in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    4 Days Istanbul, 4 Days Athens at their best  –  Turkey-Greece

Dionyssos in Spanish    MAR-OCT    Istanbul, 6 Days Cappadocia, 3 Days Cruise  –  Turkey-Greece

Epicurus in English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul, 3 Days Cappadocia, 4 Days Cairo  –  Turkey-Egypt

Erato in English-Spanish    MAR-NOV    Athens, 4 Days Cruise, Santorini   –  Greece-Turkey

Eros in    English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Istanbul, 5 Days Cappadocia, 4 Days Cruise, Athens  –  Turkey-Greece

Estia  in   English-Spanish    MAR-NOV    Istanbul, 6 Days Asia Minor- Cappadocia tour  –  Turkey

Euripides in   English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul, 5 Days Cappadocia,4 Days Classical Greece  –  Turkey-Greece

Euterpe  in  English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Mykonos, Santorini Luxury tour  –  Greece

Harmonia in     English     APR-OCT    Istanbul, 3 Days Cappadocia, 3 Days Meteora –    Turkey-Greece

Hephaestus  in    English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Heraklion  –  Greece

Hera  in   English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens, Mykonos, Santorini  –   Greece

Heraclitus  in  English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul, 5 Days Cappadocia tour  –  Turkey

Hercules  in   English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens, Mykonos, 4 Days Cruise  –  Greece-Turkey

Hippias  in   English-Spanish    JUL-AUG    Athens,3 Days Cruise –   Greece-Turkey

Hippocrates   in   Spanish    APR-OCT    Istanbul, 4 Days Cappadocia,  Mykonos, Santorini  –  Turkey-Greece

Homer   in  Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul, 7 Days Turkey Grand Tour  –  Turkey

Kronos   in   English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, 3 Days Cruise –   Greece-Turkey

Leucippus   in  English-Spanish    JUL-AUG    Athens – 4 Days Cruise  –  Greece-Turkey

Melpomene  in  English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens, Mykonos, Istanbul, 3 Days  Cappadocia  –  Greece-Turkey

Odysseus   in  Spanish    APR-OCT    Istanbul, 3 Days Cappadocia, 7 Days Cruise  –  Turkey-Greece

Osiris   in   English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens,Cairo, 4 Days Nile Cruise, 4 Days Cruise –   Greece- Egypt

Ouranos   in   English-Spanish    JUL-AUG    Athens, Santorini, 7 Days Cruise –   Greece-Turkey

Pan  in    English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, 4 Days Cruise  –  Greece-Turkey

Parthenon  in  English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Athens, Delphi, 1 Day Cruise  –  Greece

Pausanias   in   English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens, 4 Days Classical Greece, 4 Days Cruise –   Greece-Turkey

Penelope  in    English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes   – Greece

Pericles in   English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens,  3 Days Cruise, Delphi   – Greece-Turkey

Philolaus  in   English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens, 7Days cruise  –  Greece-Turkey

Plato   in  English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul,  Cairo, Athens  –  Turkey-Egypt-Greece

Plutarchos  in    Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul, Jerusalem, Amman, Cairo  –  Turkey-Israel-Jordan-Egypt

Polybius  in   Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul, 4 Days Cappadocia tour  –  Turkey

Polymnia   in   English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Istanbul, 7 Days Cruise, Athens   –  Turkey-Greece

Poseidon  in   English-Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens, Mykonos, 4 Days Cruise  –  Greece-Turkey

Pythagoras in    English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul, 3 Days Cappadocia Tour –   Turkey

Sappho in   English-Spanish    MAY-AUG    Istanbul, 8 Days cruise ,Mykonos, Athens –   Turkey-Greece

Socrates in     English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens, Myconos, Santorini, 3 Days Classical Greece  –  Greece

Solon in    English-Spanish    MAY-SEP    Athens, 8 Days Cruise, Istanbul  –  Greece-Turkey

Terpsichore in   English-Spanish    APR-OCT    Athens, Santorini luxury tour  –  Greece

Thales in    English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Istanbul Short Break  –  Turkey

Thalia  in  English-Spanish    MAR-NOV    Athens, Mykonos, 3 Days Cruise –   Greece-Turkey

Thucydides  in    Spanish    MAR-OCT    Athens, 4 Days Cruise, 8 Days Israelael Grand Tour  –  Greece-Israel

Xenocles in    English-Spanish    JAN-DEC    Athens, 4 Days Classical, 5 Days Cappadocia –   Greece-Turkey

Xenophanes  in   Spanish    MAR-OCT    Istanbul, 4 Days Anatolia, 4 Days Cruise, Santorini  –  Turkey-Greece

Xenophon  in    Spanish    JAN-DEC    4 days Athens, 4 days Jerusalem, 2 days Amman    Greece-Israel-Jordan

Zenon  in    Spanish    MAR-OCT    Istanbul, 5 Days  Anatolia tour, 4 Days Cruise    Turkey-Greece

Zeus      English-Spanish    MAR-NOV    Athens, Santorini, 4 Days Cruise    Greece-Turkey

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