‘Mykonos’ Greece- Most Popular Island In The Aegean Sea (Beaches Guide)


The island is named after the grandson of Apollo Mykonos. It is one of the most famous cosmopolitan islands of Greece. In the middle of the Cyclades is the beautiful white heaven called Mykonos. The myth surrounding the place is that the terrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules formed Mykonos, so if you plan to visit at night after hearing all the horror stories, make sure to have a dash cam with night vision to avoid unnecessary fear while driving and pranks. At Mykonos, you will experience peace and glam altogether. Some must-visit places of Mykonos are mentioned below.

  • Paralia Panormos

Paralia Panormos is located 7-kilometer North-East of Mykonos. It is one of the Mykonos region’s most soothing and coziest beaches. It is an uncelebrated place. The sea is shallow with a protected bay. It is safe to swim in the sea as it has no rocks, which majorly cause injuries.

In the centre of the beach is an upscale beach bar. There are some spas; the best part of Mykonos is where you can go to relax your body tension.

Since Panormos is located in the northern part of the island, it is best to visit the place when the southern winds are blowing. You can travel to Panormos via bus service, which is available after every 2 hours in Mykonos. However, driving yourself to Panormos is also very exciting.

  • Paradise Beach

It is the most famous beach in Mykonos. It was created in the 70s to attract tourism but later became known as the hippie beach because of majorly gay tourists. The beach has umbrellas and sunbeds all over. It becomes a part place at night as the beach looks like a club with dance music and lights elevating the ambience.

The exciting beach is located on the hills facing the beach. It is a large complex with a restaurant, beach bar, and pool; the best part is it works like a nightclub. There are diving centres, organized camping, and water sports available at Paradise Beach. The camping is located behind the beach. You can take a bus or taxi boat to get there. You can also walk to the beach from Platis Yialos.

  • Platis Gialos Beach

It is most popularly known because of the number of restaurants. The beach is most visited during the summers because of the turquoise waters and golden sand. It is a 30 m wide and 300 m long beach and is full of umbrellas and sun loungers along its length. Many water sports centres offer various water activities, including parasailing, banana boat, Jet skis, etc. To ensure safety, a lifeguard is made available at the beach. The water sport activity on this beach is the best thing you could have if you enjoy playing in the water. There is a harbour that offers boat tours and Yacht trips. If you want, you can rent your boat as well.

Restaurants with a variety of food are available on the stretch of the beach for the tourist to enjoy their comfort food. There are bars where that serve beach-inspired drinks. You can book the sun loungers and sunbeds in advance.

There are many buses from Mykonos town, which take 15 minutes to reach Platys Gialos. From Paradise Beach and Praga, you can get by walking within 15-20 minutes. You can even take a boat taxi to reach this beach.

  • Super Paradise Beach

Super-paradise, as the name suggests, is the most heavenly and loved beach of the Myonko due to its crystal clear water. Back then, gays and naturalists dominated the beaches, but now, many different tourists travel. Nudity is nearly zero in this place. Similar to paradise beach, the party culture is also common here. Dancing on the Super Paradise beach shores is a much-loved activity you may want to experience during your visit to Mykonos.

Like any other beach of Mykonos, Super Paradise Beach has Sun Loungers & Sun Beaches with umbrellas spread across the beach. A wide range of restaurants is available to choose from. Apart from the beaches, there are spas for you to take out the tiredness and have some rest. The lively crowd makes the place more happening.

A shuttle by Super Paradise Club departs from Fabrika’s bus terminal that you can use to reach Super Paradise Beach. It is also reachable by taxi, boat, and local buses. You can even drive to this beach, but parking might be difficult during peak season.

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