Why choose a Travel Agency

Monasteries of Meteora GreeceMost people think that these days with the exposure of the Internet and the plethora of information and the ability to search and find almost everything would not be any need to contact a travel agency for your vacations.
Well might be like this but still many people trust their travel agents for the organization of their vacations and they have very good reasons for doing this like:
a. The time for searching and finding all the information and the contacts and to communicate with all the service providers is very much and in most cases not worth.
b. For a smooth run of a vacation there are many things involved and this makes the whole package a complicated planning

Santorini Thira Island Greece
c. Local travel agents know better their places and can communicate very easily with the service providers
d. In most cases, to be accurate with the information they provide, they have inspected the places before recommendation.
e. Travel agents when they contact the service providers they are dealing on behalf of all their clients and in this way are getting better prices.
f. Now days the competition is very high and travel agents always try to give clients the best price so they get the business
g. When you book a vacation package you only have to deal with one agency and hold them responsible for the whole operation and not with all the service providers.
h. If there is any irregularity the local travel agent will act more accurate and in shorter time to solve the problem

The church of Aghia Sophia in Istanbuli. In case of any last moment cancellation the travel agency might deal better with the hotels or the other involved parties while these parties will be more tough with the direct client
j. Booking a vacation package you keep control of your expenses as you know from the beginning the total cost of all the services.
k. If everything is planned you win time because you do not have to be always looking for transportation, timetables, schedule changes… and this way you see more places and go conveniently.
l. Using a local travel agency you can be an easytraveller because you have nit to worry about the whole organization of your vacation and the only thing you have to care is to have a good time and enjoy the places you visit

We wish you all good trips and unforgettable vacations
The Easytraveller Team

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