New Acropolis Museum visits

The new Acropolis Museum Athens Greece
The new Acropolis Museum Athens Greece

More than half a million visit new Acropolis Museum during its first two months

Visitors to the new Acropolis Museum numbered more than half a million during the first two months since its opening. Specifically, 523,540 people, of whom 60% were from abroad, visited the museum between the date of the grand opening and August 26.

During the same period, 409,000 individual Internet users from 180 countries visited the museum’s website,

An exhibition with the theme “Pericles Xanthippus” will take place at the end of autumn as part of the museum’s special exhibits featuring as its centrepiece the bust of Pericles from the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The goal of the exhibit is to present Pericles’ construction plans for the Acropolis and its induction into the public life of classical Athens.

At the same time, the museum’s exhibit will be enhanced by new models of the Acropolis to improve services for visitors.

Finally, it should be noted that the museum already has a physician available for staff and visitors. In addition to the physician’s surgery, a baby and child care room is soon expected to open on the first floor of the museum.

As Greek Minister of Culture Antonis Samaras said: “With the Acropolis Museum as an example, we are working intensively to increase visits to all the museums and archaeological sites of the country. Our goal is to preserve and promote our cultural heritage, but mainly to link it to education and young people. I would like to once again congratulate everyone who worked and continues to work toward the flawless operation of the museum and the ongoing promotion of our country and our cultural heritage throughout the world.”