How to Plan the Ultimate Honeymoon in Greece

Man and woman walking on the beach during sunset.

Have you already thought about your ideal honeymoon destination? Do you want to go classic and visit Paris, Hawaii, or Bali with your loved one? Or, do you want to find a destination that’s a little more unique? For example, if that’s what your heart desires, you could plan the ultimate honeymoon in Greece. In addition to gorgeous beaches, pleasant weather, and spectacular scenery, Greece is home to countless historical attractions you should visit, many beautiful romantic destinations, and delicious traditional cuisine you won’t want to miss out on. If you’re thinking of spending your honeymoon in Greece, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll go over some of the most romantic locations in Greece you must visit and how you can cut costs to make this trip a reality.

When To Plan Your Honeymoon in Greece?

The first thing you need to consider when planning the ultimate honeymoon in Greece is your timing. If you decide to go on a tour of Greece in January, you might save a lot of money, but the weather will be too terrible to leave your hotel room. Instead, the ideal months to go on your honeymoon to Greece are May through July or September through October.

Picking the exact date depends on what you plan to do when you get there. Greece’s spring and fall are both ideal seasons for sightseeing, while September is perfect for romantic wine tasting and July is suitable for leisurely beach days. Some couples decide to visit Greece during the peak season, between July and September. This option, although popular, means you’ll be dealing with large crowds of tourists anywhere you go, especially on the beach.

Caption: To see Athens and the rest of Greece, you’ll need ten days minimum.

Low angle photo of Parthenon in Athens

How Long Should Your Honeymoon Last?

Your Greek honeymoon should last between 10 days and two weeks, at least. If you can afford or take time away from work to stay in Greece longer, you absolutely should! You won’t regret it at all. However, be careful with how you plan to spend your time there. For example, two whole weeks in Santorini, for example, might be very relaxing, but they could also get slightly repetitive after a while. To avoid that, you could plan to hit multiple spots in Greece to mix it up more. However, make sure you find a balance. You can visit many locations by switching your destination every two days, but it could also get tiring very quickly.

What To Pack For Your Greek Honeymoon?

Before we list some of the most romantic destinations you should visit on your honeymoon to Greece, we want first to answer one of the most common questions people have: what should I pack for my honeymoon in Greece? Well, the answer is much more straightforward than it seems. The summers (and parts of spring and autumn) in Greece are very warm, so you most likely won’t need to bring many sweaters and long pants. Instead, focus primarily on bathing suits, beachwear, and anything you’ll feel comfortable in when the temperatures are high.

If you’ve finished packing and your suitcase is overflowing, you may not need to take anything out; just rearrange how things are packed. There are plenty of packing hacks online. If you follow any of them to try to save space, you’ll soon realize you have room for everything you need!

Caption: If you have trouble packing for your honeymoon, check for tips and tricks online.

A couple closing a suitcase together

Alt: A couple closing a suitcase together.

The Most Romantic Spots in Greece


Paros, compared to Mykonos, has a way more laid-back atmosphere while maintaining the same level of beauty. Due to its proximity to the port and bus station, locals often advise visitors to stay in Parikia when visiting and exploring Paros. However, if you are in Greece for your honeymoon, you’ll probably prefer to stay in Naoussa. The breathtakingly beautiful fishing town is too charming to miss!


Santorini, the traditional honeymoon destination, should be included on every Greece honeymoon itinerary. Your most expensive island will likely be this one, but for a good reason. The island was created by a volcanic explosion thousands of years ago, and the stunning stone homes that make up its well-known cities, such as Oia and Thira, are perched on the cliff faces. There is simply nothing else like it.

Caption: Santorini is most famous for its white houses with blue roofs.

White concrete houses near a body of water under the white and blue cloudy sky


Greece’s biggest island is so huge that you could remain there for a whole summer and yet not see everything. Therefore, if you want to spend your honeymoon in Crete, you must spend a minimum of one week on the island. You should note that Crete boasts some of the nicest beaches in Greece; if stunning, sandy beaches are your top priority for your honeymoon. Although Crete boasts some of the best sandy beaches in the world, including Elafonisi, Voulisma, and Georgioupoli, beaches on Greek islands are often pebbly.


There are several opportunities for romantic beach exploration, relaxation, and action on Naxos, the biggest of the Cyclades Islands. On Naxos, you may find the well-known Plaka beach. If you decide to spend your honeymoon there, you’ll be able to kick back and unwind on the beach. Or, if that’s more your style, you can try out some exciting water sports. Naxos is a fantastic location to attempt windsurfing and kitesurfing while on your honeymoon because of the strong winds that originate from the island’s west side.

Final Thoughts

Although honeymooning in Greece seems like a fantasy, it can become your reality! After all, it’s not that hard to plan the ultimate honeymoon in Greece. You just got to do your research in advance. If you want to save money, you can always opt to go during the off-season and visit some of the less touristy spots. There are many hidden gems aside from the popular Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros. You’ve just got to find them! For example, the island of Thasos is a much more affordable option, and it could still be an excellent spot for your honeymoon.

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