Greek cuisine on board Lufthansa flights

Greek menu on Lufthansa flightsPassengers travelling from Athens to Germany with Lufthansa will experience the aroma of Greek cuisine both in Business and Economy class.

Departing from Athens international airport Lufthansa’s passengers will receive a delicate «taste of Greece», as part of the airline’s commitment to promote local products and flavours and add a local flair to its meals.
“The delicious recipes promote Greek flavours and local dishes. They are a delight not only for the palate, but also for the eye”, said Paulo Yoshikawa, Lufthansa’s Director for Greece and Cyprus, not able to hide his enthusiasm. “Breakfast, lunch or dinner are all made from fresh ingredients and come with plenty of vegetables and herbs”, he added
Characteristic recipes with Greek flair are “fish a-la-Spetsiota” – a delicious seafood dish from the island of Spetses, tagliatelle with seafood (kalamari, prawn, octopus) in tomato & ouzo sauce or spinach “sfougatto” (quiche) with potato croquette grilled tomato wedge & village sausage.
Innovative and modern, always aiming for a superior travel experience, Lufthansa is among the few European airlines that offers hot menus from the classical Greek cuisine in Economy Class, too.
“Greek recipes are inspiring, full of freshness and health. The ingredients, the flavours, the combination of herbs and materials offer a tasteful, healthy and light meal for our air travelling”, said Mrs. Brenner, Area Manager Product Design and Caterer Management Europe and North Africa.
Through sense, natural tastes and aromas, Lufthansa passengers will virtually “travel” to the islands or the small mountainous villages of Greece. Food will be a feast to the eyes and the mouth and leave the travellers with the best last impression of the country.
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