Cruising with family: How Fun is it?

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Cruise Destinations For Whole Family Fun

76% of cruise-going families agree that cruise vacations are better and more enjoyable than traditional land-based vacations in a study reported by the FCCA. Cruises are the perfect and safe getaway vacations for families of all types. From tropical destinations, to the storied landscapes of the Pacific, to the enchanting history of the Mediterranean, cruise style vacations offer multi-country and city destinations on the vast open sea – something that a land-based location can’t compete with.

Set Standards Before Sailing On The Seas

Before embarking on these grand adventures, however, it’s important to set guidelines as a family to ensure a safe and fun family vacation. Sit down with your kids and discuss a set of ground rules – what freedoms they’re allowed –  before sailing off to your destination. While it’s important to set guidelines as a family, many cruise lines are making it easier for parents by going hi-tech with passenger bracelets that not only can track purchases, but can also act as a location tracker for those you’re traveling with.

Make Your Way To The Mediterranean

One of the most coveted and grand landscapes to cruise away to is the colorful Mediterranean coast. Both parents and kids will be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colors of Italy’s southern coast or the cool blue oasis of a Greek village. While porting at these countries, enjoy learning the history of Greek and Roman soldiers, take a ride on a gondola in Venice, or stop at the Agora Market. This destination not only is magical in its appearance, but offers an educational experience for the children.

Wherever you decide on as a perfect destination for your family, discuss not only guidelines before your trip, but also what type of experience you yearn for. Tropical? Glacial getaway? Mediterranean? Fortunately, there’s no wrong way to go.

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