Flag of Turkey

Turkey is a vast and beautiful country. Its historical heritage, monuments, and breathtaking sights bring crowds of people each year. Apart from all that, the land has a perfect shoreline and a hot Mediterranean climate, and most importantly, the locals have a knack for hospitality. Turkey is also filled to the brim with open markets of all sorts, so venturing anywhere, be it a small village or a huge metropolis, you will encounter a plethora of specialities, spices, and materials. There is no doubt that visiting this astonishing country will make an excellent experience. This article will discuss some of the best places to visit in Turkey.

How to prepare for a visit to Turkey

Before we dive deeper into specific places to visit, let’s take a quick look at what you need when coming to this beautiful country. Situated somewhere between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey has always had a mix of influences across the centuries. A vast array of cultures and peoples drive this beast of an economy forth. Depending on which part of the country you are going to visit, check these things before you go:

  • have a valid passport and visa if needed
  • be open-minded to other cultures
  • since its a Muslim state, be aware of the state laws
  • be prepared to haggle all the time

As experts at easytraveller.gr state, knowing the Muslim traditions will make navigating some of the more traditional parts of the country more accessible. Although Turkey has been taking much of the western culture and influence over the years, it also has some strong Muslim laws. Therefore being aware of what traditions are enforced will make your visit much more pleasant. 

Istanbul, the Jewel of Turkey

There’s no doubt that this magnificent city is the best place to come to in Turkey. Built by the Roman Emperor Constantine, this now huge city has always been a centre of culture, religion, and prosperity. Wealth has flown through the streets of this city since it was established, and now it’s no different. Istanbul represents the clash of modernism and tradition. Its geographical location offered an enormous strategic advantage in the past but now stands as a testament to what Turkey represents – a mix of east and west. Today Istanbul represents the seat of the economic power in Turkey and a bridge between Europe and Asia. You will most probably need a guide in Istanbul. Bursting streets and markets, monuments, mosques, and many more awaits the eager tourists. When in Istanbul, do not miss out on the chance to visit Hagia Sophia and Top Kapi. These are the must-visit locations everyone has to experience.

One of the best places to visit in Turkey is Marmaris

If you are ever in doubt about the best place to visit in Turkey, then Marmaris is just the right option. Located on the Turkish Riviera, this beautiful coastal town brings out the best in Turkey. An excellent spot to take your family on a holiday or vacation. It is also trendy amongst the younger populace due to its fascinating nightlife and lifestyle. Beach bars, safaris, hotels, restaurants, boat rides, cruises, diving, and much more await eager visitors wanting to see the best seaside locations in Asia Minor. Don’t forget to take a Turkish bath while visiting.

Bodrum is the place to visit

Another beautiful part of the coastline you will have to experience is Bodrum city. Although it is considered a tourist place, Bodrum has seen fewer visitor-oriented changes, unlike Marmaris. The vibrant market boasts a diverse culture, and the constant haggling makes it a paradise for those looking to strike a bargain. Regular interactions with the locals help in connecting to other cultures, and you will learn to appreciate it since the locals are friendly and can give you some valuable tips. Apart from this charm, Bodrum has an enormous historical heritage that is worth exploring. It is also known for its beautiful beaches, ideal for some rest and relaxation. 

Hagia Sophia is the best place to visit in Turkey

Undoubtedly, Hagia Sophia has to make our list of the best places to visit in Turkey. Although we have discussed Istanbul in the previous paragraph, this exquisite site deserves a mention of its own. Built by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century, this was the largest Christian temple in the world. It has been an icon and pilgrimage site for many Christians through the centuries. After the Turks conquered Constantinople, later known as Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque. Its captivating beauty has left the Turks speechless, turning her into a mosque rather than tearing her down. Its enormous size will make any beholder tremble at their feet. The only downside when visiting this beauty is that you will most likely have to dedicate a whole day to bask in its glory. The long queues can also be a big letdown. 

In this article, we have been covering some of the best places to visit in Turkey. This is not by any means a definitive list. From the Cappadocian hills in the centre of the country, with Ankara the Capitol, all the way to the far east, you can find multitudes of breathtaking sites to behold. Turkey is a stunning country, and you can appreciate its beauty in the mix of different cultures, natural wonders, and local delicacies.

Moving to Turkey

You may fall in love with Turkey and decide to move here. After all, there is a large ex-pat population, so you definitely won’t be the only one with that idea. There are many affordable homes for sale or rent near the coast. However, remember that moving can be a challenging and stressful process. This can be even more so when travelling overseas. In order for this to be ready for this, there are a couple of things to know before moving overseas. Taking care of your health can be your number one concern. You will not want to start your journey ill or unprepared. Also, it would help if you also made a detailed financial plan to deal with any unexpected issues. In the end, asking for help from a professional moving company can help you save precious time and money. They can help you pack and move out in no time without you breaking a sweat.

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve gone over the best places to visit in Turkey, you can plan your visit to this gorgeous transcontinental country. We are sure your trip will be eventful with so many amazing things to see.