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Profile is not a robotised engine, nor a list of all tourist services available. We list here a selection of tourist services that will satisfy the demanding client.

Behind this site, there are real people with long experience both in travel and in hotel sections.

The individual traveller coming to Greece for tourism or business will expect from our personal service, the accuracy of the information, correct timing and friendly advice.

We welcome travel agents who want to offer their clients, no matter if they travel alone or as part of a group, a personalized service and have them return.

Our Groups and Incentives departments will welcome your requests also.

All services of this site are provided by Renaissance Hellas SA, Travel Agency licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization.


We do work only as an incoming tourism portal because we are Greeks and we know our country to the latest detail!

Our long-lasting experience in the travel and tourism area guarantees the best planning for your business and/or pleasure trips. We always secure our services excellence by setting and keeping high-quality standards.

We combine selected hotels and destinations, in order to provide you with organized tour packages, that correspond the best value for your money and create the perfect environment for a relaxing and pleasant stay.

Great memories from our country are the best advertising for us and a good reason for you and your friends, family or colleagues to come back again!


Once you choose one service from this site, by filling and sending the relevant form to us, we examine your request and provide you with all the necessary information, rates and booking details as soon as possible (Greek time = GMT +2)

We always give you the confirmation after your specific acceptance and deposit according to our pre-payment policy, as described in details in the terms and conditions section. The deposit and payment conditions will be also communicated to you at the time of confirmation.

As soon as we receive total payment we will send you a unique e-voucher that covers all services ordered, for presentation to suppliers and detailed itinerary.

Personal Care

Personal care, professional treatment, accuracy & best return value.

Every request is examined with personal and professional care and is answered in a short time after we have made all the necessary arrangements. We do not give automatic confirmations because we want to receive written confirmation from all suppliers before we confirm your request.

We try the same agent who takes care of the first answer to your request to be with you during all the reservation procedure and in most cases to be your personal contact while in Greece.

No matter if you buy just a hotel night or a whole holiday package for you and your family, for us, you are the guest and we want you to feel like an easytraveller leaving us to take care of all the details of your trip. At confirmation time we give you the mobile phone of your personal agent responsible for your file in case you need any help during your stay.

Best Value

Our priority is to offer our guests the best service at the best price and give them the satisfaction that they get back the best value for their money.

We guarantee the quality of the services we provide because we deal directly with all the suppliers and we are able to offer the best rates of the market. We also have personal knowledge of all the services provided through this web site, before we publish our recommendations.


Your personal information, including credit card details, will only be used once and only for the purpose of strictly confirmed bookings.

You can make payments with your credit card in the payments link using Paypal secure environment payments system.

For all the appropriate transactions related to your credit card, you will receive a unique receipt with detailed information.

In the credit card bank statement, you may find the name of the company that provides the relevant service you have ordered (as stated in easytraveller voucher).

You may give us your credit card information by using our forms ( we will provide you with our credit card authorization form). You may also use our bank account to securely transfer your payments or use Western Union money transfer service.

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