Athens city Break package with 2 full day excursions!
Athens city tour with visit to Acropolis and its Museum, Full day bus tour to the Archaeological site of Delphi and a mini cruise to Saronic Golf Islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra with lunch and entertainment on board the cruise ship

DAY 1: ATHENS: Upon arrival, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Balance of Academy_of_Athens_Greeceday at leisure.

Karyatides_Acropolis_Athens_Greece   DAY 2: ATHENS: Morning sightseeing tour of Athens including all famous monuments: House of Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Adrian’s Arch, Temple of the Olympian Zeus, the Royal Palace, the Academy, the University and the National Library. Tour will end by visiting the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum, “State of the art”  in museum construction and very rich in content. On Mondays the new Acropolis Museum is closed.
Afternoon free to visit Plaka (The old Athens city) with lots of souvenir shops, restaurants and taverns.

DAY 3: ATHENS – AEGINA – POROS – HYDRA: This small cruise will take you to Hydra_Island_Greece_02 Hydra, Poros and Aegina and bring you back in the evening full of fun and with the taste of the Greek islands.
Morning transfer to the pier of Piraeus, to embark your cruise ship for your full day cruise to the islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra. Good opportunity to know a little bit of Greek Islands and visit a small part of Ancient Greece in the optional tour to the temple of Aphea Athina in Aegina. On the return trip you enjoy a program with Greek music and songs and join the dancers on Greek folklore dancing. Included is the transfers to and from the port, port taxes and lunch on board.

Delphi_Greece_Tholos_Athina_Pronea   DAY 4: ATHENS – DELPHI: Full day excursion to the Archaeological site of Delphi, once known as the centre of Earth. This tour will show you the ruins of ancient Delphi and also a big part of mainland Greece full of green places and beautiful villages. Ancient Greece was full of religious places like Delphi, also connected with athletics and medical services.
Delphi was the centre of Ancient World – the “Omphalos” (Navel of Earth) – whose prestige extended far beyond the boundaries of the Hellenic World.
On the slopes of Mount Parnassus, in a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty, lie the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios.
Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the Museum containing such masterpieces of Ancient Greek sculpture as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete Aghias.
You will have your lunch in a local restaurant and will return to Athens in the evening

DAY 5: ATHENS – AIRPORT: According to your departure flight, you will be Euzones-at-unkown-soldier-monument-Athens-Greecetransferred to the airport.

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The headqw=qarters of AIMSThe Minister of Culture and Tourism of Greece, Pavlos Yeroulanos, and the President of AIMS, Paco Borao, opened a permanent headquarters for AIMS in offices within the Olympic Complex in Athens at an address bearing the name of the first Olympic Marathon winner, as it is located in Spyros Louis Avenue.

Remarking on the currently adverse economic conditions in Greece, Paco Borao commented that despite this background:
“The main purpose we are here today is most important for the organizations present here: the promotion of running in general and especially the marathon race. I would like to thank the hundreds of AIMS members and the millions of runners around the world that I am proud to represent here today; our sponsors for the trust they have in the running movement and our Association as the world entity representing them; the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism for giving us this great opportunity to establish our headquarters here in Athens – where better than where both the legend and the first marathon race originated?; and to the people at the Hellenic Athletic Federation and the Athens Classic Marathon organising committee who have done so much to realise this achievement.
“This alliance will help to bring tourists to Athens, and to the whole of Greece. Not any tourists but sporting visitors who deeply believe in such values as goodwill, friendship and solidarity with the intention of visiting the birthplace of the event that has had such an impact on their lives – the Marathon. We, AIMS, are here because we also believe in these values and we believe in the capacity of the country to continue to fulfil them. We will do our utmost to make this agreement a success for us both.”

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Athens Classic Marathon The interest shown by runners all around the world for the Athens Classic Marathon 2011 has reached its peak. This year’s Athens Classic Marathon event will be equivalent to last year’s success, not only regarding number of participation but also regarding the quality reached. According to the registrations progress so far, SEGAS and the Athens Classic Marathon Organizing Committee cannot but express their satisfaction from the fact that Greek and foreign runners are participating in the Race.
In a very difficult period for Greece, SEGAS, a sports federation, decidedt to show to the world that Greece may be going through difficult times but does not lose the values that diachronically carry through its history and its culture!
After concerted efforts of the President of SEGAS, UNESCO, the largest international supporter of the United Nations, is now a supporter of the Athens Classic Marathon.
In the agreement signed in Paris by UNESCO and its 193 member countries, UNESCO decided to support the efforts of our country, recognizing the Athens Classic Marathon not only as a premier sporting event but as a worldwide historical and cultural event, a bridge that connects the past with the present.
The participation of 20,000 runners from 96 different countries, the interest of top celebrities and international media puts Greece on the spot of the world, giving to our country, global visibility and revenues exceeding 20,000,000 Euros based on last year’s data.
This year’s Athens Classic Marathon becomes an international event. Following last year’s anniversary of the 2,500 years from the Battle of Marathon, SEGAS decided to utilize and extend this legacy, linking this year’s event with values like social cohesion, the power of human will and solidarity. These values that emerge through the Athens Classic Marathon are denatured into an act through SEGAS’ extensive social responsibility program that has been developed by the Federation over the last four(4)years.
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Greek menu on Lufthansa flightsPassengers travelling from Athens to Germany with Lufthansa will experience the aroma of Greek cuisine both in Business and Economy class.

Departing from Athens international airport Lufthansa’s passengers will receive a delicate «taste of Greece», as part of the airline’s commitment to promote local products and flavours and add a local flair to its meals.
“The delicious recipes promote Greek flavours and local dishes. They are a delight not only for the palate, but also for the eye”, said Paulo Yoshikawa, Lufthansa’s Director for Greece and Cyprus, not able to hide his enthusiasm. “Breakfast, lunch or dinner are all made from fresh ingredients and come with plenty of vegetables and herbs”, he added
Characteristic recipes with Greek flair are “fish a-la-Spetsiota” – a delicious seafood dish from the island of Spetses, tagliatelle with seafood (kalamari, prawn, octopus) in tomato & ouzo sauce or spinach “sfougatto” (quiche) with potato croquette grilled tomato wedge & village sausage.
Innovative and modern, always aiming for a superior travel experience, Lufthansa is among the few European airlines that offers hot menus from the classical Greek cuisine in Economy Class, too.
“Greek recipes are inspiring, full of freshness and health. The ingredients, the flavours, the combination of herbs and materials offer a tasteful, healthy and light meal for our air travelling”, said Mrs. Brenner, Area Manager Product Design and Caterer Management Europe and North Africa.
Through sense, natural tastes and aromas, Lufthansa passengers will virtually “travel” to the islands or the small mountainous villages of Greece. Food will be a feast to the eyes and the mouth and leave the travellers with the best last impression of the country.
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Museum of Cycladic Art  Athens GreeceA short photographic presentation of the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens International Airport from 12 October till 06 January 2012. In this presentation visitors will have the opportunity to experience the Cycladic civilization, one of the oldest civilizations of Europe organized communities, through images and texts. Visitors will learn more about the Cycladic figurines, as well as clay, stone, and metal vessels and objects of the era.

The collection of the Museum of Cycladic Art, one of the largest collections of its kind worldwide, including more than 400 objects from clay, stone, marble and metal, all periods of the Cycladic civilization.

You can learn more by visiting the web site of the museum


Turkish AirlinesTurkish Airlines offers now daily flights from Athens to Seoul and vice versa, via Istanbul.

General Manager of Turkish Airlines in Greece, Mr. Gulay Ozturk, outlined the second FAM trip, organized by Turkish Airlines, which involved leading travel agents from Seoul with this statement:

“It was a great pleasure for us that we have made and the second trip this year, with the participation-this time-of travel agents from Korea. This is a very important measure, which aims at strengthening the overall tourism and the emergence of new destinations, opening the Asian market. ” 

Turkish Airlines is willing to create new tourist arrivals from Korea, which is one from the 190 destinations available now on its network. 

Mr. Arnaoutakis, the district commissioner of Crete, in the speech to those Koreans, highlighted the importance of this energy and the collateral benefits: “In our efforts to increase visitors to Crete, the Asian markets are part of our strategies for the success of this quality objective in the coming years.
To us it is the responsibility to formulate as complete a manner the conditions so that our visitors, especially from distant countries to be compensated through the senses, knowledge, tastes and proposals that encapsulate the Cretan heritage thousands of years. ”

The Korean agents visited the sacred rock of Acropolis, the New Acropolis Museum, the Panathenaic stadium and browse  streets of Plaka. Then visited the island of Crete and especially Agios Nikolaos and Elounda and were guided at the palace of Knossos.

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Rally Acropolis Athens GreeceThis week Athens is welcoming Rally Acropolis,  the biggest and most important celebration of Greece’s motor sports. Speed, power and adrenaline compose the supreme show presented by the drivers in one of the most historical Rally of WRC. Find your own special spot to enjoy the race and listen to the roar of the engines passing by just a few meters away from you.

Please see the complete program  by clicking here

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Rainbow Week Athens GreeceThis week, Athens is filling with colour and you will get to see it under an alternative light.
The city is celebrating the right to be different and personal freedom. We can all enjoy an alternative parade,
participate in the various events organized exclusively for this special week, enjoy an alternative film festival
and party till dawn. Because there’s nothing wrong with being happy about your life!

Please see the complete list of the events by clicking here

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