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Samos Island

According to Greek Mythology, the goddess Hera was born in Samos. Also born here were the philosophers Pythagoras and Epicure, and the mathematician Aristarchos.

The capital, Samos, built in the recess of a great bay, preserves its traditional character with beautiful neoclassical houses. Very important is the Archaeological Museum and the museum of Byzantine Art. A small picturesque road links the present port to Ano Vathi, the old quarter, extending upwards to soft hills of red clay.

Old houses with narrow windows and wooden balconies lie side by side in contrast with new houses and their red-tiled roofs and bright colours. All around the island are spread several beautiful small villages with local Aegean colour and characteristic architecture.

Karlovasi is the second famous town with plane trees, springs and old neoclassical houses harmoniously co-existing with the modern elements of this strange city consisting of three neighbourhoods.

Another nice village is Pithagorion the birthplace of Pithagoras, a real treasury of antique life in Samos. In the whole island one can visit several archaeological sites. Chrisi Ammos is maybe the most beautiful beach on the island but many others would say they are too.

The earth of Samos is good for olives and vines. Samian grapes are famous for their juice and texture. Every grape is a drop of fragrant wine, its taste revokes memories of Dionysus - god of the wine.

Nice hotels, restaurants and fish taverns will welcome the visitor and provide a good level quality of service.
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