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Rethymno Crete Island

Rethymno lies between the White Mountains and Mt Psiloritis and borders to the prefectures of Hania and Iraklion. The prefecture has excellent beaches, picturesque mountain and seashore villages and famous resort centres. Rethymno town, the capital of the prefecture is divided into the old and the new town. While the new town is a typical modern city, the old town has retained much of its medieval and ottoman character and influence.

Some places of interest to visit include the Archaeological museum the Fortezza and the Venetian harbour. The old city was built over the ruins of ancient Rithymna. Small charming town where combine the Venetian and Ottoman architecture. The imposing fortress, also know as Fortezza was built in 1573 to protect the city's population. The Venetians build it with four bastions and three entrances so as to be protected from attack by sea. In our days during summer various events are held in the small open-air theatre located inside the walls.

The old Venetian harbour, from 1300 retains its picturesque character. There are numerous coffee shops and taverns on the seashore where you can relax and enjoy the view. The archaeological museum is housed in the Fortezza and contains exhibits from the Neolithic era until the Turkish domination. The exhibits contain ceramic and stone figurines, stone jewellery founded in the Gerani cave, collection of Roman statues and collections of Roman, Greek and Byzantine coins as well as sarcophagi and inscriptions from Axos and Eleutherna. Very near Rethymno there are beautiful beaches and fine hotels of all categories.
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