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Paros Island

Paros has been inhabited since the ancient times. It was one of the centers of the Cycladic civilization and numerous findings from various sites on the island, are displayed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

The third largest island of the Cyclades in the recent years it has been developed into a modern tourist center. The landscape of the island that conceals the famous Parian marble, is adorned by gently rolling hills with vineyards, ending near the coastline providing sandy bays.

The main port of Paros is Parikia with two archaeological sites and a famous Byzantine church of Virgin Mary. The second village of the island is Naousa with the well known yacht harbor and nice hotels and restaurants in the greater area. Beautiful beaches, like colymvithres near Naousa, extraordinary landscape and archaeological sites make the puzzle of Paros that will attract the interest of any visitor and give him a good excuse for returning back.

Mediterranean food in nice restaurants and taverns combined with good service and wide smile in the welcome will satisfy all the tastes. Not to forget the good local and imported from other Greek places wines, to make the gastronomy satisfaction complete.

Near Paros, separated by a narrow sea channel with a width of 1 nautical mile, is Anti-Paros, unique for its golden sandy beaches and unspoiled natural beauty. An important attraction of Antiparos is the spectacular Grotto, which is situated on the Agios Ioannis hill, along with the little church of Agios Ioannis at its entrance.
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