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Lesvos Island

The third largest Greek island, Lesvos has a long history that goes back more than 3.000 years. It has been the birthplace of famous people, such as the poets Sappho and Alcaeos, Arion the Guitarist, and Pittacus, one of the seven wise men of ancient Greece. Lesvos, as it can be seen from its classical history, its abundance of poets, musicians, philosophers and lawgivers, was one of the great cultural centres of the Greek world. Lesvos was second perhaps only to Athens, in its influence if not in its power. A tradition that even continues today and gives the island that distinctive atmosphere which makes it so different from the others.

Rich in olives and fish, as much as in history, the island has an economic balance rare in the Aegean. The capital of the island is Mytilene and has a population of 30,000 people.

The city is built amphitheatrically around its well preserved Byzantine Castle. On the northeast side of town, one can find the Hellenistic Theatre with its superb acoustics and capacity of 10,000 people. Further in the suburb of Varia one can visit the Theophilos Museum. Further North, passing from many beautiful villages you can go to the town of Mandamados, famous for local cheese and fine pottery. Skala Sikaminias, is one of the most charming fishing villages.

Another beautiful village is Mithymna or Molivos with the mediaeval castle and characteristic architecture. Molivos is one of the best resorts of the island. In the center of the island lays the town of Kalloni, famous for its sardines, caught in the nearby gulf of Kalloni. As a place for a holiday, for a rest or for quiet work, Lesvos is hard to better. It is big enough to permit that change of scene so necessary if one is to avoid "island claustrophobia". Good variety of hotels and restaurants, especially for fish and taverns in most of the island's towns.
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