Monasteries of Meteora GreeceMost people think that these days with the exposure of the Internet and the plethora of information and the ability to search and find almost everything would not be any need to contact a travel agency for your vacations.
Well might be like this but still many people trust their travel agents for the organization of their vacations and they have very good reasons for doing this like:
a. The time for searching and finding all the information and the contacts and to communicate with all the service providers is very much and in most cases not worth.
b. For a smooth run of a vacation there are many things involved and this makes the whole package a complicated planning

Santorini Thira Island Greece
c. Local travel agents know better their places and can communicate very easily with the service providers
d. In most cases, to be accurate with the information they provide, they have inspected the places before recommendation.
e. Travel agents when they contact the service providers they are dealing on behalf of all their clients and in this way are getting better prices.
f. Now days the competition is very high and travel agents always try to give clients the best price so they get the business
g. When you book a vacation package you only have to deal with one agency and hold them responsible for the whole operation and not with all the service providers.
h. If there is any irregularity the local travel agent will act more accurate and in shorter time to solve the problem

The church of Aghia Sophia in Istanbuli. In case of any last moment cancellation the travel agency might deal better with the hotels or the other involved parties while these parties will be more tough with the direct client
j. Booking a vacation package you keep control of your expenses as you know from the beginning the total cost of all the services.
k. If everything is planned you win time because you do not have to be always looking for transportation, timetables, schedule changes… and this way you see more places and go conveniently.
l. Using a local travel agency you can be an easytraveller because you have nit to worry about the whole organization of your vacation and the only thing you have to care is to have a good time and enjoy the places you visit

We wish you all good trips and unforgettable vacations
The Easytraveller Team

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Mykonos Island Greece

Our Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Jordan  Vacation Packages is the best way to discover and explore these very ancient and full of history and culture countries.
In our Vacation Packages we combine tours and leisure, Archaeological sites and Greek beaches.
We have ready to buy Greece Vacation Packages from 4 to 15 days and also we can make any package to fit your travel needs if you give us the details of your vacation like places you want to visit, how long your vacation will be and the hotel category you want to use.
By participating in one of our Greece, Turkey and Egypt Vacation Packages you benefit of a complete and smooth program and of the special prices we are getting from all our partners for you.

The only you have to do is to come with a good mood and leave the rest to us. Before you book and give a deposit we will present a complete and detailed itinerary stating the day by day program and the total price you will pay. No tricks, no hidden costs.

Upon your arrival we will meet you at the airport and from this point an on we will make all your transfers and take care of the travel arrangements to the last details.Delphi Greece
In every island you go you will find our local representative ready to give you any information for the places worth visiting and to assist you in any problem that you may have.
We know the places, we know the people and that gives us the certainty to guarantee that your vacation in Greece, Turkey and Egypt will be a memorable one and that you will come back or send your friends to us.

Enjoy your Greece, Egypt and Turkey holiday no matter if you are interested in visiting the Ancient Greece, Turkey and Egypt Archaeological sites or just the islands and the beaches.Acropolis Athens Greece
You can find a full list of all our ready to buy Greece Vacation Packages

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Athens Film Festival
Organised by the Athens Film Society, the 15th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights will bring the best of international cinema to the Greek capital. For 11 days, from September 16 to 27, the heart of cinema will beat in Athens. Highlights of this year’s festival include two important openings for Greek cinema, a collection of 20 rare cult films and specials dedicated to two of the greatest contemporary film pioneers, Danish director Jørgen Leth and Polish filmmaker Zbigniew Rybczynski.

The festival was first launched in September 1995 and continues with great success until now. The movie theatres accommodating the festival are the Attikon Cinemax Class, Apollo Cinemax Class and Danaos 1 & 2 theatres.

Cult Films

For its 20th anniversary, the 15th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights will present 20 rare gems that have achieved cult status. Lost in time, the copies of the off-beat and bizarre films comprising our cult films specials are something like the Holy Grail for festival staff who have combed through old collections, universities and forgotten production companies to locate them.

European Pioneers

The 15th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights is proud to present two of the most diverse European artists working today. Jørgen Leth is an anthropologist, jazz critic and poet, but we will get to know him through his groundbreaking documentaries, screened as part of the Jørgen Leth Special at this year’s Opening Nights.

Also, the 15th Athens International Film Festival will present a selection of Polish director’s Zbigniew Rybczynski’s finest films. Rybczynski, who received an Academy Award for his 1981 short animation, Tango, is considered one of contemporary cinema’s greatest pioneers.

Festival Sections

As always, the 15th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights will include two competition sections.

In the International Competition section, young directors will compete for the Golden Athena Award and the extremely popular Music & Film Competition section, whose winner will receive the Golden Athena.

Regular sections of the 15th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights include:

Panorama, a hand-picked selection of last year’s productions;

Midnight Movies, whose late night screening times are not the only thing that will give you chills;

Premiers, the chance to be the first to watch some of the coming season’s best features;

Cinema on the Edge, for those not afraid of films taking it to the extreme;

Documentaries, because life is often more engaging than fiction; and

Short Stories, because a cinematic experience can leave a mark irrespective of its length.

Note that in Greece, foreign films are not dubbed; they just carry subtitles in Greek, therefore you can watch them in their original language.

Don’t miss in this year Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights contemporary film pioneers, Danish director Jørgen Leth and Polish filmmaker Zbigniew Rybczynski, the presentation of 20 cult films and all the regular sections of the Athens International Film Festival. All this at the Attikon, Apollo and Danaos movie theatres.

Easytraveller Team

EasyJet, Europe’s leading low-fares airline, will launch a new daily flight to Athens from Rome Fiumicino airport this autumn. The new route is part of easyJet’s support of the Greek tourism industry with a schedule of 21 flights from major European cities to Greece.

EasyJet will offer daily flights from Athens to Rome, increasing the destinations served from Athens International Airport to seven. The airline expects to carry 550,000 passengers to Greece this year, an 18% increase from last year’s figures.

Since last summer, easyJet has extended its operations in Greece by adding six new flights from across Europe, which joined existing routes to 21 destinations from Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini and Mykonos. EasyJet operates on a year-round basis to Athens and Thessaloniki and runs summer-only flights to the top Greek tourist destinations.

The new Acropolis Museum Athens Greece
The new Acropolis Museum Athens Greece

More than half a million visit new Acropolis Museum during its first two months

Visitors to the new Acropolis Museum numbered more than half a million during the first two months since its opening. Specifically, 523,540 people, of whom 60% were from abroad, visited the museum between the date of the grand opening and August 26.

During the same period, 409,000 individual Internet users from 180 countries visited the museum’s website,

An exhibition with the theme “Pericles Xanthippus” will take place at the end of autumn as part of the museum’s special exhibits featuring as its centrepiece the bust of Pericles from the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The goal of the exhibit is to present Pericles’ construction plans for the Acropolis and its induction into the public life of classical Athens.

At the same time, the museum’s exhibit will be enhanced by new models of the Acropolis to improve services for visitors.

Finally, it should be noted that the museum already has a physician available for staff and visitors. In addition to the physician’s surgery, a baby and child care room is soon expected to open on the first floor of the museum.

As Greek Minister of Culture Antonis Samaras said: “With the Acropolis Museum as an example, we are working intensively to increase visits to all the museums and archaeological sites of the country. Our goal is to preserve and promote our cultural heritage, but mainly to link it to education and young people. I would like to once again congratulate everyone who worked and continues to work toward the flawless operation of the museum and the ongoing promotion of our country and our cultural heritage throughout the world.”

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